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Enails are popping up fast in the medical marijuana world and it’s obvious why. In the long-run the rewards outweigh the initial price. I've published this article to share my personal experience with using e-nails and where You will be able to buy one.

E-nail is simply short for a electronic temperature box that is attached to a nail using a coil. It helps you to save on the cost of purchasing butane considering it operates on electric power. Get your own oil rig and throw on your e-nail compatible nail unto your glass piece.

The most ideal temperature is 720 degree F but you can vary it according to your taste. I myself set mine to 700 degrees Fahrenheit to appreciate the taste of my concentrate.

If you want to see your wax bubble up go-ahead and turn it down a bit. You don't really need a carb cap, although I find that it really helps get the full kick out of your device.

Switching the heat range is pretty easy, just click down on either the upward or down key on the enail box till you reach the best temperature you’re comfortable with. Give it a couple of seconds to heat up and you’re ready to go!

Simply think about all the butane you’ll be saving and you’ll come to realize the enail will pay for itself later down the road. Not to mention all the oil you are saving that could have been wasted.

Many units coming in from China simply don't satisfy the standard security laws enforced here in the US. This can cause your device to breakdown and might also be a potential fire hazard.

Shortly after doing some researching I went ahead and bought from 710 VISIONS since they had the best deal on an enail. It features a universal titanium nail that can be used on both female and male pieces with 10MM, 14MM, and 18MM joints.

​Everything you absolutely need to get started. I’ve had mine for more than a year now with pretty much no concern.
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​Edibles are quickly making their way into the medical marijuana scene as a more discrete way to get medicated. Many people choose to medicate with edibles as opposed to smoking or vaping. Not only do they taste good but they also give your lungs a break. While some claim that edibles aren't as effective for them, others swear by them left and right!

​​Every chocolate THC-infused truffle has around 17mg of THC per serving. The recommended dose to start off with is 5 mg if you are new to edibles. Contrary to inhaling THC, edibles take a bit longer to enter your system.

Physically, the chocolate-covered delights looked very appealing. The encasing shell was thick and provided a great texture when biting into it. The inside was much more soft but not too chewy. Although a bit larger than your average store-bought truffle, the cooks did a really good job at masking the weed taste.

Having tried several edibles in the past, many of them had the obvious marijuana taste to them. Not that's there's anything wrong with that, but many people don't necessarily enjoy the earthy taste of cannabis. I find that the newer recipes for edibles do a much better job at masking the weed taste. These truffles are no exception, all I tasted was delicious chocolate.

The effects

In total it took around two and a half hours until I felt the full effects. About one hour after consuming the truffles I felt the relaxed head space that comes with consuming THC coming on. My anxiety was almost non-existence but I didn't really feel "stoned". That changed after another two hours. At this point I was feeling really good, watching TV and laughing. Did they work? Yes

My final verdict?

These tasty truffles pack a punch and I encourage you to try them for yourself. Start slow with a couple, you can also eat some more if you're not really feeling the effects. Remember to give it a few hours since edibles take a bit longer to hit you than smoking weed. For more information on the Colorado Cannabis Company and how they operate, check out their website in the link below.

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Think that smoking is the only way to get medicated? Check out 18 different ways to get that sweet THC into your system without sparking up a joint. My favorite would have to be edibles hands down. Although new THC infused beverages sound extremely appealing. Which one do you prefer and why?